Sarah Hodges




Branding, illustration, design, content creation

Trail is a task management app for retail and hospitality - think a smart to-do list for shops, bars, cafes and restaurants. A tech start-up with big dreams of transforming the hospitality industry, Trail already had a logo, but needed help to develop it's brand language and personality to reflect both the company culture and vision.

I worked with the team to establish new brand guidelines and a manifesto that established Trail's tone of voice, created a series of style guides to help the team write branded content, and developed a library of illustrations that could be used across marketing materials and within the app itself. We also commissioned photography and a film that featured Trail customers. 


Illustration language

Trail helps to make operations effortless, and with hundreds of teams completing thousands of (sometimes quite tedious) daily tasks, the app needed to be a joy for them to use. From empty states to in-app messaging, the icons help to educate users in how to use the app, encourage them to complete tasks and let them know they are doing a great job. There is a slightly different style for blog posts, help articles and use on social media which can be conceptual or simply explain UI features, and a line icon style for use on the marketing website.